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Renovation of apartments and houses in Nice.

We make repairs to apartments, houses and villas in Nice. Possible work in other cities and villages of the French Riviera. Experience working in the construction industry for about 12 years. Experience in the Franch Riviera is almost 3 years. There are numerous recommendations. Other examples of work can be sent to e-mail. The main thing in our work is that the client is satisfied. After our work you will not see a bunch of trash and dust. When the work is finished, you will only have to do the usual wet cleaning and enjoy the new interior. You do not have to go to the building store every day and bring up building materials. All the fuss we make. You just choose building materials, and the rest is our concern. Also, you do not have to worry about taking out the garbage. You will do your daily business while your house is transformed. Repair without a headache is a repair with the company "VIDI" For questions, write to the mail: Or call 075 830 37 22 Victor