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Real estate in Canada

Have you decided to buy a house or property in Canada? This article describes the nuances of the real estate market, prices, taxes. In Canada, a large influx of emigrants. They need to rent and buy housing. Because of this, the prices for immovability in Canada grow by an average of 10% per year. The rise in prices for apartments and houses outstrips inflation.

If a foreigner sells his property more than he bought, he pays a "capital gain" tax.

Cost of real estate in Canada.

Apartment in condominium: 1. Property tax (property tax) of about 0.7% of the total value.

2. Payment of condo fee once a month. For example, a 1-room apartment- a payment of $ 300- $ 400 CAD per month, a 2-room apartment- $ 400- $ 600 CAD per month.

3. Insurance is $ 30- $ 50 CAD per month.

4. Communal payments (if not included in the condo fee)

-water $ 45- $ 50 CAD per month

-electricity $ 45- $ 50 CAD per month

- heating

When buying a house or a freehold townhouse:

1. Property tax (property tax)

2. Insurance

3. Communal payments.

Property prices in Canada.

Two bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto

Price: $ 429,900

Annual taxes: $ 2683

Area: 70 sq. M.

Number of bedrooms: 2

Number of bathrooms: 2

House with 3 bedrooms in the suburbs of Toronto.

Price: $ 339500 Annual Taxes: $ 1903

Area: 111.4 square meters

Number of bedrooms: 3

Number of bathrooms: 1,5

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