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Ukraine Région de Kiev 4 Pièces

Pays: Ukraine

Ville: Région de Kiev

Type de l'immobilier: appartement

Nombre des pièces: 4

Balcon: Non

Terrasse: Oui

Jardin: Oui

Piscine: Non

Vue sur mer: Non

Vue sur montagnes: Non

Places pour la voiture: 1

Surface: 106.50

Virtual tour:

It's not just an apartment, it's a chance every day to wake up and enjoy life, see nature in the window and listen to the singing of birds. It is an opportunity to walk near the lake, and take guests on your own terrace.

The apartments are fully prepared for living, equipped with all necessary furniture and appliances.

Only elite neighbors, only safety and comfort.

Prix: 234300

Numéro de télephone: 0675012239

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